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Please note, we only host one family at a time to ensure undivided attention. My fee is reflective of this unlike a kennel or others where there are multiple dogs so please do not message me asking for a lower rate. For me and my family, it is about giving each furbaby a loving place with undivided attention. I am from Sydney, Australia originally and moved to Dublin in 2019. I moved here with my husband, 7 year old daughter as well as our dog Casper, a 10yr old male Maltese x Foxy Terrier. My grandfather used to train guide dogs and my grandmother was always rescuing or fostering so between their house and my parents, I grew up with lots of dogs around. I ended up rescuing Casper at 10 weeks from a shelter. He is neutered, well socialized and is good with other dogs. He’s now at an age where’s he happy to have a little play but his preference is to just spend his senior years sleeping. He’s always gotten along well with all our previous guests. I would be more than happy to provide you with any references in Ireland or from Australia should you require it. We pet sat in Sydney for the past 10 years and in Dublin since 2019. We enjoy having dogs and puppies come to stay. Your fur baby will be loved and cared for like part of the family. If they don’t love lots of cuddles and pats then this may not be the right house for them as we truly believe dogs are part of the family. We want them to feel like this is their home away from home and they’re an extended part of our family. I live in a large spacious apartment however to ensure your fur baby gets the attention they deserve when away from family, they would be the only ones I host. This allows my family and I to give them undivided attention. As I work from home, they will primarily be indoors with me most of the day except when we go for our daily walks plus the school and coffee shop runs. As Casper suffers from anxiety, we cannot leave him on his own for more than 1-2hrs. This means on weekends, we tend to visit dog friendly cafes/pubs or select outdoor activities like hiking. Your dog will therefore need to feel comfortable in a car. If not, then we spend time doing activities in the local area that we all can walk to. We live in Cualanor (opposite HoneyPark) so we get the benefit of 2 lovely local spots however weekends we can be found exploring new hiking spots or walking around Killiney Hill, Marley or Phoenix park for a change of scenery. I am happy to send as many or as little photos and updates while you are away. If staying over Christmas, we like to make sure there is a present under the tree to unwrap on Christmas morning. We always provide a small bag of grain free duck, chicken or beef jerky treats as a present from Casper. We are yet to meet a dog that doesn’t like these! I like to stick to your routine however if there isn’t one, then I will have them follow what I do for Casper which is breakfast, a 45 minute walk in the morning, 1-2 treats at lunch time, dinner and then a walk at night before bed. Dog’s must be toilet trained and if older than 12 months, they must be neutered to stay with us. They must also be up to date with their vaccinations, flea and worming. A picture of the records must be sent via WhatsApp or through GUDog prior to them arriving. What to bring when your dog stays: 1. Bedding 2. Sufficient enough food, treats, pee pads (if required) and poo bags for their stay. 3. Dog lead (and a harness if they have one). 4. Dog raincoat if they have one 5. Dog car seat if they have one 6. Any required medicine 7. Brush/toys or anything that you think that they will need to enjoy their stay more comfortable. 8. Dog Shampoo if staying for more than a week as we bath them post coastal swims and messy hikes so they stay clean. 9. Information regarding who their vet may be as well as any vaccination records. ⚽ Pet Day Care • Up to 8 hours at mine • Includes a 60-minute walk, play/cuddles, and mental stimulation games. . Please provide any food or treats they may require. If they have a favourite toy, please bring that along to help them feel at ease. 🚘 Transport available. I have a 4WD so plenty of space. Your fur baby would sit in the back with Casper and Ava. If they’re a large dog, I would need to put them in the boot of the car. For safety, all dogs get strapped into the car. For inquiries or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your time, Bee

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December 2023

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6 reviews

Our greyhound, Kara had a great time boarding with Benafsha. We also got great communication before and during his stay and at pick up on how it all went from her so our minds were fully at ease. We wouldn't hesitate to leave Kara with her again and know he would be in great care and happy there.

Very happy with Benafsha. Great communication and Kym had a great stay

Second stay went really well as well and we couldn’t be happier to find someone who will regularly be available for when we go on holidays.


Apartment Fairway Court Abbot Drive, Dún Laoghaire

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