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Hello, my name is Fabio, I'm originally from Italy but I've been living in Dublin for almost 10 years. I had dogs at home since I was a child, grown up with them and always had this love and passion for our little friends. Unfortunately since I live abroad I never got the chance to have dogs again, because living on your own and restrictions from landlords never gave me the opportunity to dedicate time to dogs. For this reason everytime I see friends who have dogs I try to enjoy their company and spend as much time as I can. Lately I got much more time and my daily schedule is more flexible, so I decided to dedicate my time into dog walking/sitting because I miss all the love and affection that only dogs can give. My hope is to find recurring guests so I can establish an even better relationship with dogs, but also one off occasions are welcome too. I live in town and always travel by bicycle, so doing home visits during the day would not be a problem for me! I can also board them overnight at my place if required, providing you can supply with all the things needed for the dog like dog bed, food, toys, or anything else that is needed. While boarding your dog I will guarantee too walks per day, morning and evening so the dog can get plenty of exercise as there isn't a garden available. I work from home and I'm the only person in the house, your dog will never be left alone during the day and at night time can either sleep in the living room or in my bedroom, depends on the dog's habits!

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I have previous experience of walking dogs
I have previous experience of boarding dogs
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2 reviews

He was really friendly and caring for my dog! Communication was also very smooth! Highly recommended and I’ll definitely book a walk with him again.

Fabio was very good with our dogs. Would happily recommend.


Lord Edward Street, Dublin

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