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Hello, my name is Milena, I'm 28 years old, Brazilian.  I am an accountant and I came to Dublin to study English to improve my curriculum and get a good job as an accountant. I am very calm and I have patience both with people and animals, I am extroverted and I like to talk, and to be able to be here in dublin knowing new cultures are being amazing.

I have dogs at home since I was a kid, I grew up playing with them and I developed a very strong bond with the animals.  I currently have Hanna a poodle she has a 14 years old who stayed in Brazil with my family and I miss her a lot.  you were very close partners always go out to walk with her and we made a lot, she likes very much to receive affection and attention.

I'd love to be able to work with the dogs for the rest of my time in Dublin.  I really miss living with animals, and also the love that they give us.  This job would help me pay my bills, remember my dog, and my student routine is a bit lonely. Living with the dogs would be very good for me to have a company in my spare time, to have fun and also to help the dogs that stay  alone at home.

Dog Walking Rate
€18 / hour
City Dublin
Address Britain PlDublin