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About Sarah

We offer a home away from home for your dog, where he /she will be loved as one of our own! We have a very sociable loveable golden retriever who is one years old. She is very playful but incredibly gentle, she let's the smaller dogs call the shots. Daily walks included for overnight stays weather dependant. I can assist with the following : - Dog grooming - overnight pet sitting in my own home - daytime socialiasing (daycare) I have 15 years experience, am a qualified professional Dog Groomer, and am currently studying an animal psychology course.

Sarah's home

Total size of outdoor area: 30 m²

More details

I have previous experience of walking dogs
I have previous experience of boarding dogs
I can provide references upon request
I own a car suitable for transporting dogs
I can administer oral medication
I can administer injected medication
I have volunteered in animal shelters

Services and fees

The rates do not include Gudog's commission.

Dog boarding

Public holiday rate
Per night
I accept puppies under the age of 1