Dun Laoghaire Dog Haven

Doughal, Sarah's dog
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Holiday Rate €18

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Dear Dog Owners,

My name is Sarah and I live in Dun Laoghaire in a spacious apartment with balcony. I love dogs and I love going for long walks. Due to my job and other commitments, I can't currently own my own dog but I would love some doggy time and to be of service to dogs that like to play and get out and about. I have a family dog called Doughal who is a sweet Cocker Spaniel that lives in Galway with my parents and is 10 years old so I have plenty of experience walking and playing with him.
I am available any day or evening on weekdays and weekends for dog minding and walking.


Dog Walking Rate
€15 / hour
City Dublin
Address . Brook HouseDublin